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Brows, Eyeliner & Microblading

Semi Permanent  Make Up

Fully qualified semi permanent make up artist Licensed by Bradford Council

For all semi permanent make up treatments T&C's apply

Payment plans available on request & all debit, credit cards accepted 

Consultations and patch tests must be booked at least 48 hrs before the planned treatment date 

Ombre Brows or Full Powder Brows By Machine


Ombre brows are a soft powder brow giving the illusion of the look of make up, meaning the tails and the lower area of the brow are darker, fading to a lighter look towards the start of the brow and top of the brow.  Ideal for most people and those who like the powdered make up look.   Suitable for anyone who has old faded previous microblading or semi permanent make up.

Machine brows can last up to 2 years.

Combination Brows By Machine


Combining machine hairstrokes & shading within the brow area to give the appearance of a more denser brow.  Ideal for ladies who like the more powdered look or if you have oily skin as the pigment retain in the skin better

Hair Stroke Brows By Machine


Using the latest machine technology we implant hair strokes into the brow area to give the appearance of real hair.

Machine hair strokes usually give better retention if you suffer from oily skin than microblading would due to your skin type.



A form of semi-permanent make up, Microblading is carried out with a specially designed hand held tool with disposable microblades that are made up of multiple tiny needles. With special care and attention, very fine hair strokes are made by manually depositing colour pigments beneath the surface of the skin.  Semi-permanent eyebrows are perfect for clients who want to define shape, create an arch, fill in thin brows, cover gaps, or design a completely new brow shape. 

Latino Eyeliner


Want a thicker liner than a lash enhancement or maybe a small latino flick then this is for you

Lash Enhancement

From £150.00

Lash Enhancement - This treatment gives the appearance of thicker darker lashes and a more defined eye. This can be performed on either the lower or the upper lash line or both if required.   

£150.00 for either upper or lower lid

£225.00 for both upper & lower

Removal & Correction Service

From £125.00

Are you wanting to remove over saturated brows or wish to remove old brow tattoos which have faded to an odd salmon pink or grey colour  - I now offer a saline removal service and correction service.

A Consultation is required so we can assess and use the best approach to sort out your brows,  usually more than one treatment is required and a price and amount of sessions needed can be agreed before commencing